Using Images to Save Lives: The Path of a Radiologist

Often considered one of the most critical specializations in the medical field, the demand for radiologists in the United Kingdom is on the rise. This must come as no surprise, since the technology developments in the fields of computer imaging and computer vision in the last 10 years have permeated onto the Radiology field, complementing it’s already robust body of knowledge. 

A Master’s Degree in Radiology is a step towards launching a career in a field that it is rediscovering itself, where jobs are booming, and complex interesting problems are being solved. Image diagnosing is thought to be, by many health-care industry leaders, the future of medicine, because of its overlap with disciplines such as computer science, artificial intelligence and computer-image-vision; and it’s potential identify illnesses of other problems with non-invasive tests and fast results.

By getting a Master’s in Radiology in the UK, you are not only developing advanced clinical and technological knowledge, you are also acquiring the management and leadership skills needed to stay at the forefront of your peers, and strengthening your ability to solve problems creatively by drawing from the fields of medicine and technology. Furthermore, you would be doing so in a job market where the demands for individuals with this profile is on high demand, and the supply is still not enough to satisfy it.