Some of the Best Microwave Ovens Out There

Features and designs when it comes to microwave ovens have advanced quite a bit in the last decade. Some even now come with inbuilt grillers or ovens. Here are some of the best microwave manufacturers out there today. Choose any one of these, and you should be just fine:


When it comes to compact ovens, there is nothing cheaper than Sharp. It’s quite efficient and is great for frozen and fresh foods. It also comes with an instant cook and reheat option. This is great for cooking things like dinner plates or jacket potatoes. It also has five power levels. It’s affordable and can take care of basic requirements.


This microwave comes with a stainless steel fascia that can blend in with most home appliances. They have powerful ovens with large turntables which make it a good choice when you are looking to cook something big. There are ten power levels, and it also has one sensor for reheating and cooking. There’s hardly anything which you can’t cook in this oven. It also has a humidity sensor and uses inverter cooking technology.


10303079You will get some great bargains on LG microwaves. They have a great finish and even the basic units come with features like quick start and automatic defrost. What more could you want from a budget microwave oven?

Choosing the best microwave oven will all depend on how much you want to spend and what features you want from the oven. If you’re only looking for something that can auto cook and defrost, you can go for a basic model. But, if you’re going to be feeding a large family then it is recommended you get a heavy duty oven which also has an inbuilt grill. Just put in sufficient research before making your decision, and you should be just fine.