New Camcorders are Now in the Market

canon_hf10_frontCameras which can record video have been around for quite some time now. It all started with the Super-8 camera which allowed you to create jerky, grainy, silent videos. This progressed during the 1980’s with the introduction of VHS and 8 mm video cameras. While these cameras were considered cutting edge back then, today, they are nothing more than relics from a forgotten time. Like almost all electronic devices today, camcorders have gone digital too. These cameras can record sharp, clear pictures.

They take video images but record them in digital format instead of BETA or VHS tapes. The ease with which you can edit these videos is unbelievable since you can download them on your computer. You can even add titles, soundtracks, and transitions. You can then burn them to DVD’s, save them to your hard drive or even send them to family and friends using the internet. The results are really enjoyable.

There are many different camcorder formats available in the market today including Digital8, DV, and DVD. The DV uses Mini-DV for recording media. This is DVD quality video. This is also the most common type of camcorder out there. The only problem with them is that you cannot record more than an hour’s video at a time.

The Digital8 format is just like Hi8 camcorders. These recorders can also read the 8mm and the Hi8 tapes along with the newer Digital8 tapes. They are much harder to come across, but you will be able to record longer videos on them. The new DVD camcorders let you edit on the device itself instead of having to download videos to your computer. The quality isn’t as good as Digital8 or DV, though.

Keep all these things in mind when deciding what you’re going to buy so that you make a good decision.