Must-Have Technologies in Your Home

People’s homes are places that support the need for personal serenity, rest, comfort, entertainment, physical and mental rejuvenation, and more. With such a wide spectrum of important needs, there is a great need for the incorporation of modern technological solutions that will enhance the daily lives of the people who live inside this home, and generally make everything easier and more enjoyable. Here is a short list of the coolest “must-have” technologies that you can install in your home today:

Smart Heating/AirCon

smart-heatingBesides the need for energy consumption and rationalization, having a smart heating and air conditioning will also make it easier for you to adjust the room temperatures dynamically and according to your true needs. Nowadays, you can control smart heaters and AC units right from your smartphone, and as many of them can stay connected to your home’s Wi-Fi, you can even control them remotely to prepare your home while you’re still on your way there.

Smart Lighting

Similarly to the previous point, smart hue bulbs allow control via the user’s smartphone. They can change color to fit the mood, get dimmer, and even work in conjunction with a movement sensor so more electric energy is saved.

Smart Appliances

There are already many home appliances available in the market that can do most of their work without the user’s intervention, allowing people more flexibility and free time. Examples include robotic vacuum cleaners that roam the house on their own, refrigerators that can tell when the milk has gone bad and order a new carton on the net, and washing machines that weigh your clothes and use the exact amount of water and energy required for the batch.

Centralized Entertainment

Having a large 4k TV in the living room is nice, but being able to broadcast media onto it by using your PC, tablet, laptop, or smartphone is even better. The first step is to connect everything to the same Wi-Fi network, and the second is to activate a common communication platform like the Plex Media server and you’re good to go.