How to Use Smartphones as Learning Tools

Trying to coordinate a busy schedule, lectures and assignments require students to stay very organised throughout their studies. Smartphones are not only a convenient way to keep in touch with friends and family, they also offer incredible functions that can make your daily life easier. When you’re a student, you are always trying to find ways to keep track of all your notes. Thankfully, using apps can transform your smartphone into a powerful learning tool, helping you focus on your studies rather than wasting time trying to manage your documents.

shutterstock_275971199Use your electronic devices instead of paper notes

1. Start learning a new language with Duolingo. It’s free and community based so you can get help in the forums if you are unsure about a lesson. 2. Use Evernote to have your notes always with you. It will synchronise to your phone and you can read them again while on public transport. 3. Manage your applications to Colleges and Universities around the world with SchoolApply. It helps you track your applications, as well as storing attachments and relevant documents. It also synchronises on all your devices so you can modify them anytime. 4. Create flash cards with Cram or Studyblue to revise before an exam.

The benefits of using your smartphone to study

Whether it is to study on the go, learn new skills or manage applications to find your next University and decide on your next step, there are lot of apps that you should use. A lot of them are free so you can get more from your smartphone at no extra cost. Not only will it save you time, but by changing the way you study, you can also keep learning wherever you are. Revising for an exam while on the train ? Check! Sharing your notes with a friend? Easy! Take advantage of all those tools and study smarter with your smartphone!